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Diving at the 1908 Summer Olympics

At the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, two diving events were contested, both for men only. The competition was held on Tuesday July 14, 1908 and Friday July 24, 1908.



Medal summaryEdit

The events are labelled as 3 metre springboard and 10 metre platform by the International Olympic Committee,[1] and appeared on the 1908 Official Report as high diving and fancy diving.[2] The high diving event included dives from both 10 metre and 5 metre platforms, while the fancy diving included dives from 3 metre and 1 metre springboards.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard
  Albert Zürner (GER)   Kurt Behrens (GER)   George Gaidzik (USA)
  Gottlob Walz (GER)
10 m platform
  Hjalmar Johansson (SWE)   Karl Malmström (SWE)   Arvid Spångberg (SWE)

Participating nationsEdit

A total of 39 divers from 9 nations competed at the London Games:

Medal tableEdit

1  Germany1113
3  United States0011
Totals (3 nations)2237


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