District of Velika Kikinda

The Privileged District of Velika Kikinda (Serbian: Великокикиндски привилеговани диштрикт / Velikokikindski privilegovani dištrikt; German: Privilegierten Bezirk Gross Kikinda; Latin: Regio-privilegiatus Districtus Magnokikindiensis; Hungarian: Nagykikindai kerület) was an administrative territorial entity of the Habsburg monarchy between 1774 and 1876. It was an autonomous area centered around the town of Velika Kikinda (nowadays Kikinda, Serbia), and mainly inhabited by ethnic Serbs.

District of Velika Kikinda
Великокикиндски привилеговани диштрикт
Velikokikindski privilegovani dištrikt
Privilegierten Bezirk Gross Kikinda
Regio-privilegiatus Districtus Magnokikindiensis
Nagykikindai kerület
district of the Habsburg monarchy
Coat of arms of District of Velika Kikinda
Coat of arms

District of Velika Kikinda (1774-1876)
CapitalVelika Kikinda (today Kikinda)
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Banat of Temeswar
Torontal County
Today part ofSerbia
District of Velika Kikinda



It was formed on 12 November 1774 by the decision of Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa, through the special charter, as the specific feudal governmental administrative unit with the headquarters in Velika Kikinda (today Kikinda, Serbia).[1] Inhabitants of the District had, during that period, substantial economic, and even political privileges within the Habsburg monarchy.

Until 1778, the District of Velika Kikinda was part of the Banat of Temeswar (a separate Habsburg entity), and then part of the Torontal County within the Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary. From 1848 to 1849 it was part of the autonomous Serbian Vojvodina, and from 1849 to 1860 it was part of the Voivodeship of Serbia and Banat of Temeschwar, a separate Austrian crown entity. After the abolishment of the Voivodeship in 1860, the territory of the District of Velika Kikinda was again included into the Torontal County.

The District functioned, with some interruptions, until 1876, when it was abolished, and its territory was allocated both organizationally and administratively to the direct authority of the Torontal County with the headquarters in Veliki Bečkerek (today Zrenjanin, Serbia), which covered most of the territory of the present-day Serbian Banat.



Beside the town of Velika Kikinda, the district included nine more settlements of the Serb Military Frontier establishments in North and Central Banat:




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