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District of Mackenzie

For the federal electoral district in Saskatchewan, Canada, see Mackenzie (electoral district)
Map (ca. 1905)

The District of Mackenzie was a regional administrative district of Canada's Northwest Territories. The district consisted of the portion of the Northwest Territories directly north of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan on Canada's mainland.

Along with the District of Keewatin and the District of Franklin, it was one of the last remaining districts of the old Northwest Territories before the formation of Nunavut Territory in 1999, at which point it ceased to exist. Although as an administrative district of the NWT it had ceased to function several years prior to division.

Today the area that formerly comprised the District of Mackenzie is mostly included in the Northwest Territories (which is no longer subdivided into districts). The remainder, along with all of Keewatin and most of Franklin, is in Nunavut.

For more information on the history of the Provisional Districts see also Territorial evolution of Canada