District Council of Ceduna

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The District Council of Ceduna is a local government area located on the far west coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The district has a diverse business and industry with an estimated 240,000 tourists passing through every year.[4] The township of Ceduna is the focal point of the district.

District Council of Ceduna
South Australia
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Ceduna Jetty
Ceduna LGA.png
Location of the District Council of Ceduna
Population3,408 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density0.62796/km2 (1.62641/sq mi)
Area5,427.1 km2 (2,095.4 sq mi)
MayorPerry Will [2]
Council seatCeduna
RegionEyre and Western[3]
State electorate(s)Flinders
Federal Division(s)Grey
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WebsiteDistrict Council of Ceduna
LGAs around District Council of Ceduna:
Outback Communities Authority Outback Communities Authority Outback Communities Authority
Outback Communities Authority District Council of Ceduna Streaky Bay
Southern Ocean Southern Ocean Streaky Bay

Industry and historyEdit

The land in the district has long been used for agricultural purposes, in fact, between the 1850s and 1880s, much of the land was one large sheep station. Now most blocks are around 9,000 acres (36 km2) and mostly farming cereal crops such as wheat, oats and barley; as well as livestock, particularly sheep.[5]

Port Thevenard has been an exporter of gypsum, salt, Grain and mineral sand, with up to 1.2 million tonnes of gypsum being exported per year.

Smoky Bay and Denial Bay have been growing oysters using aquaculture for over ten years now, with Denial and Smoky Bay now the second and third largest producing areas in the state respectively.

Tourism is also a large part of the districts economy, with Smoky Bay and Ceduna attracting the largest crowds. The area's attractions are largely to do with the marine environment, with fishing and whale watching popular.

The council was first established in 1925 as the District Council of Murat Bay.[6] It was renamed the District Council of Ceduna in 1994. [7]


The town of Ceduna is the major town of the district; it also includes the localities of Ceduna Waters, Charra, Chinbingina, Denial Bay, Kalanbi, Koonibba, Laura Bay, Maltee, Merghiny, Mudamuckla, Nadia, Nunjikompita, Puntabie, Smoky Bay, Thevenard, Uworra, Wandana, Watraba, White Well Corner, and part of Carawa, Pimbaacla, Pureba and Yumbarra.[8]


Ceduna contains all essential facilities including shopping centres, fuel stations, a hospital, an area school and a variety of accommodation. The smaller towns contain much less, with most having only a roadhouse and possibly a caravan park.

Recreational facilities include


Ward Councillor Notes
Mayor [2]   Perry Will
Unsubdivided [2]   Anthony 'Mario' Nicholls
  Brenton Niemz
  Geoff Ryan
  Ian 'Gus' Bergmann
  Joyce Brewster
  Paul Brown
  Peter Codrington
  Robert Sleep

The District Council of Ceduna has a directly-elected mayor.[9]

Chairmen and Mayors of Murat Bay/CedunaEdit

  • C. A. Tonkin (1925) [10]
  • George Owen Lovelock (1932-1941) [11]
  • Denis Edward Maloney (1941-1943) [11]
  • Edward Morley Borlase (1944-1946) [11]
  • Peter Sides Morrison (1946-1959) [11]
  • Clive Keitel (1959-1970) [11]
  • Jeffrey Charles Bergmann (1970-1981) [11]
  • Desmond Robert Whitmarsh (1981-1983) [11]
  • Jeffrey Charles Bergmann (1983-?) [11]
  • Malcolm Puckridge (1987-1998) [10][12]
  • Allan Suter (2006-present) [13]

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