Director-General of the BBC

The Director-General of the British Broadcasting Corporation is chief executive and (from 1994) editor-in-chief of the BBC.

Director-General of the BBC
The Lord Hall of Birkenhead

since April 2013
Member ofBBC Board
Executive Committee
Reports toParliament of the United Kingdom
AppointerBBC Board
First holderSir John Reith

The position was formerly appointed by the Board of Governors of the BBC (for the period of 1927 to 2007) and then the BBC Trust (from 2007 to 2017). Since 2017 the Director-General is appointed by the BBC Board.

To date nineteen individuals, all of whom have been men, have been appointed Director-General, plus an additional two who were appointed in an acting capacity only. The current Director-General is Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead, who was appointed from the chief executiveship of the Royal Opera House, which position he had held from April 2001. He is the first peer to hold the position (Lords Reith and Birt having been raised to the peerage only after their tenures had ended). In June 2020 it was announced that Tim Davie would be taking over the position from Tony Hall from September 2020.[1]

List of incumbentsEdit

Director General Tenure Time in post
Sir John Reith 1927–1938 11 years
Sir Frederick Ogilvie 1938–1942 4 years
Sir Cecil Graves and Robert W. Foot 1942–1943 1 year
Robert W. Foot 1943–1944 1 year
Sir William Haley 1944–1952 8 years
Sir Ian Jacob 1952–1959 7 years
Sir Hugh Greene 1960–1969 9 years
Sir Charles Curran 1969–1977 8 years
Sir Ian Trethowan 1977–1982 5 years
Alasdair Milne 1982–1987 5 years
Sir Michael Checkland 1987–1992 5 years
Sir John Birt 1992–2000 8 years
Greg Dyke 2000–2004 4 years
Mark Byford* January–June 2004 5 months
Mark Thompson 2004–2012 8 years
George Entwistle September–November 2012 54 days
Tim Davie* 2012–2013 141 days
Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead April 2013 – September 2020[2][3] Incumbent: 7 years to date
Tim Davie September 2020[4] N/A

An asterisk indicates that the incumbent was temporarily appointed as Acting Director General.


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