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Direction des Services de la navigation aérienne

The direction des Services de la navigation aérienne (DSNA) is the agency in charge of air traffic control, communication and information for France. It is a part of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and was created by decree in February 2005. The DSNA works in close coordination with its military counterpart, DIRCAM and since 2011 military controllers and civil controllers are being integrated into the same control centers using the same systems. DSNA is integrated into the Central European Functional Airspace Block (FABEC). Maurice GEORGES is the Director of Air Navigation Services (DSNA) since July 2009. DSNA Headquarters is in Paris.

Direction des Services de la navigation aérienne
IndustryAir traffic control
Founded2005 (2005)
Number of locations
5 Control Centers (2012)
Area served
  • 1.374 Billion (2012)
Number of employees
3850+ (4000+ Air Traffic Controllers)


Running Costs and FeesEdit

The DSNAs running costs are covered by :

  • Route charges ( "redevances de route ", collected by Eurocontrol for its 37 participating member states,
  • Air traffic terminal charges ("redevance pour services terminaux de la circulation aérienne" -RSTCA)
  • Oceanic charges (" redevance océanique" -ROC)
  • Civil aviation tax ("Taxe Aviation Civile" - TAC)

The DSNA is a non profit agency..


The DSNA Operates 5 en route control centers Located in Brest, Paris, Reims, Aix-en-Provence et Bordeaux

It also operates 9 regional approach and control centers (SNAs)

  • Nantes (SNA Ouest),
  • Lille (SNA Nord),
  • Paris (SNA Région Parisienne),
  • Strasburg (SNA Nord Est),
  • Lyons (SNA Centre Est),
  • Nice (SNA Sud Est),
  • Marseilles (SNA Sud Sud Est),
  • Toulouse (SNA Sud) et
  • Bordeaux (SNA Sud Ouest).

The DSNA is the air traffic control operator with the largest number of flights controlled in Europe in 2012 (3 million).[1]


The DSNA has 3 regional centers for French overseas territories;

  • "Antilles-French Guiana" (SNA AG),
  • "Indian Ocean" (SNA OI) et
  • "Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon" (SNA SPM).


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