Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs (Hungarian: Pécsi Egyházmegye, Latin: Dioecesis Quinque Ecclesiensis) is a Diocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic church in Hungary. The Cathedral of Pécs is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Diocese of Pécs

Dioecesis Quinque Ecclesiensis

Pécsi Egyházmegye
Ecclesiastical province Kalocsa-Kecskemét
MetropolitanArchdiocese of Kalocsa-Kecskemét
Area8,200 km2 (3,200 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
439,000 (66.1%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
Sui iuris churchLatin Church
CathedralCathedral Basilica of St Peter and St Paul in Pécs
Current leadership
BishopGyörgy Udvardy
Metropolitan ArchbishopBalázs Bábel
Vicar GeneralKvanduk Frigyes
Episcopal VicarsPavlekovics Ferenc
Bishops emeritusMihály Mayer
Map of the Diocese
Map of the Diocese
Website of the Diocese

Secular offices connected to the bishopricEdit

The Bishops of Pécs were perpetual ispáns of Baranya (Hungarian: Baranya vármegye örökös főispánja, Latin: Baraniensis perpetuus supremus comes) from the 16th century until 1777.

Establishment of the DioceseEdit

The circumstances of the establishment of the Diocese of Pécs are still under debate. The territories of the future Diocese were probably inhabited by the Black Magyars until the beginning of the 11th century and King Stephen I of Hungary set up the Bishopric after the victory over them.

The Deed of Foundation of the Diocese of Pécs was issued in 1009 with the consent of the Pope"Stephen, King of Hungary. Let all our present and future adherents know that we have ordered, for the glory of God and all his saints, the establishment of the Bishopric of Pécs with the consent of the holy apostolic see, in the presence of his delegate, Bishop Azzo and also of all our adherents (archbishops, marquesses, counts and persons with a lower rank).". Based on the Deed of Foundation, the frontiers of the territories of the Diocese of Pécs were the lines between Zemogny and Tápé, between the Ozora and Lápa Streams, between the Kapos and Almás Streams and a Roman aqueduct between the Danube and Sava River. Therefore, its territory extended over the territories of the Counties of Tolna, Baranya, Valkó and Pozsega. The Diocese of Pécs was suffragan to the Archdiocese of Esztergom.

List of the Bishops of PécsEdit

Auxiliary bishopsEdit



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