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Anglican Diocese of Carpentaria

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The Anglican Diocese of Carpentaria was an Anglican diocese in northern Australia from 1900 to 1996.[1][2] It included most of northern Queensland, the islands of the Torres Strait and, until 1968, all of the Northern Territory. The see was based at Quetta Cathedral on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

The diocese's first bishop was Gilbert White[3] and the last was Anthony Hall-Matthews.[4]

In 1968 a new diocese, the Diocese of the Northern Territory based in Darwin, was created out of the Diocese of Carpentaria and, in 1996, the remaining part of the Carpentaria diocese merged with the Diocese of North Queensland.

In 1997, some Anglicans in the Torres Strait region of the former diocese were received into the Traditional Anglican Communion (a Continuing Anglican body) and formed themselves into the Church of Torres Strait. In 2010 they petitioned the Vatican for reception as a personal ordinariate in the Roman Catholic Church. In April 2014, this petition (slightly modified, as the original petition was for a separate jurisdiction) was granted by Pope Francis. The Church of Torres Strait became a territory under the jurisdiction of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, but day-to-day authority remained devolved to a Regional Vicar.[5]

Bishops of CarpentariaEdit


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