Die Entlassung

Die Entlassung (English title: The Dismissal) is a 1942 German film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner about the dismissal of Otto von Bismarck. It was one of only four films to receive the honorary distinction "Film of the Nation" ("Film der Nation") by the Reich Propaganda Ministry Censorship Office.[1]

Die Entlassung
Directed byWolfgang Liebeneiner
Written by
Produced by
StarringSee below
CinematographyFritz Arno Wagner
Edited byMartha Dübber
Music byHerbert Windt
Release date
  • 6 October 1942 (1942-10-06)
Running time
  • 110 minutes
  • 100 minutes (West Germany cut version)
CountryNazi Germany

The success of the 1940 film Bismarck led to this film as a sequel.[2]

The film is also known as Bismarck's Dismissal in the United Kingdom, Schicksalswende (West German rerun title) and Wilhelm II. und Bismarck (new West German title).

Plot summaryEdit

The film shows Bismarck being dismissed by Wilhelm II of Germany and the dilettantes who surround him.[2] An unscrupulous schemer plays on the king's desire to lead and so persuades him to the dismissal.[3] This results in a disastrous two-front war by destroying Bismarck's treaty with Russia and leaving him to lament with the question of who would complete his work.[2]


Release and receptionEdit

The war with Russia delayed its release, and it was not exported, owing to the obvious parallels.[2]


Much emphasis was laid on Bismarck's notion of Greater Germany.[2] His failure was depicted as leading to the Treaty of Versailles.[3]


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