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Diary of a Nudist, also known as Diary of a Girl Reporter, Diary of a Naturist, Girl Reporter Diary, Nature Camp Confidential, Nature Camp Diary or Nudist Confidential, is an American 1961 nudist film produced and directed by Doris Wishman.

Diary of a Nudist
Directed byDoris Wishman
Produced byDoris Wishman
Written byDoris Wishman
StarringDavee Decker, Norman Casserly
Music byHarry Glass
Song 'Sun Lovers Blues' Words and Music by Judith J. Kushner, sung by Rosemary June
CinematographyRaymond Pheelan
Edited byMartin Samuels
Release date
27 December 1961 (US)
Running time
approx. 72 Mins
CountryUnited States



Arthur Sherwood (Casserly), editor-in-chief of The Evening Times, stumbles upon a nudist camp and smells a good story. He assigns girl reporter Stacy Taylor (Decker) to join the camp so she can write an exposé on the nudists' indecent lifestyle. Stacy becomes convinced of the sincerity of the nudist philosophy, however, and refuses to write a negative report. Sherwood joins the camp to complete the project, only to decide for himself that nudism is happy and wholesome.


  • Davee Decker as Stacy Taylor
  • Norman Casserly as Arthur Sherwood
  • Dolores Carlos as Marie
  • Allan Blacker
  • Joan Bamford as Helen
  • Maria Stinger as Eleanor
  • Harry W. Stinger as John
  • Brigitte Bernard
  • Allison Louise Downe
  • Ronald M. Ziegler
  • June Marko as Annette
  • Gustave A. Hoek
  • Nellie Hoek
  • Phyllis Hoek as Phyllis
  • Sandra Hoek
  • Charles Allen as Tom
  • Warrene Gray as Fran
  • Una Diehl as Susan
  • Gloria Flowers
  • Zelda R. Suplee as Nudist Camp Director
  • Doris Wishman as Marie/Lady waving from Porch (uncredited)

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