Diane Youdale

Diane Patricia Youdale (born 13 February 1970) is an English television personality, who is best known for her role as "Jet" on the television series Gladiators.[1]

Diane Youdale
Diane Patricia Youdale

(1970-02-13) 13 February 1970 (age 51)
Other namesJet
Known forGladiators (1992-96)
Finders Keepers (1996)
You Bet! (1996)


Youdale trained as a choreographer before joining Gladiators at the age of 22.[2] She left the show in 1996 after sustaining a neck injury on the show. She then co-hosted the final original series of Finders Keepers with Neil Buchanan in 1996, and in the same year, was the hostess on You Bet!, with Darren Day.[2]

“I was beginning to see more spinal injuries. You can damage your ankle or your knee and it will recover, but breaking your neck – that’s a different story. After my accident, I decided to quit while I could. I decided it wasn’t worth it any more. I wanted to leave while I could still walk out of the studio. I love hiking and I didn’t want that to be taken from me for the sake of someone’s entertainment.”[3]

After attempting to become a presenter, Youdale later re-trained as a psychotherapist.[2]

On 2 July 2008 it was announced that Sky had plans to do a revival of the hit show Gladiators. Diane Youdale, following an interview with Loaded magazine quotes that "Sky reckon they're going to run it for three to four years so I've said to them why not wait until the last ever episode and then I make my comeback then?" she commented. However that will all depend on how well the show does in the ratings.[4] She ended up as a reporter on the show, as well as co-hosting the Gladiators podcast.[5]

Youdale briefly appeared as Jet in the second Big Fat Quiz of the '90s special broadcast by Channel 4 in 2013.[citation needed]

Personal lifeEdit

Youdale married and resided for a period in the London area as she trained in psychotherapy.[6] After separation and divorce, Diane spends her time between North East England and Surrey where she works as a psychotherapist and is launching her own EQ company Soul Dynamics. She enjoys long walks, exercising and is a keen surfer.[7]

Youdale is a supporter of Middlesbrough FC.


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