DiMarzio, Inc. (original name: DiMarzio Musical Instrument Pickups, Inc.) is an American manufacturer best known for its direct-replacement guitar pickups.[1] The company also produces other guitar accessories, such as cables, straps and hardware.

DiMarzio HS-3 -stack single coils on electric guitar.
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DiMarzio became known for its Super Distortion model, which was the first after-market replacement guitar pickup.[citation needed] It was introduced in 1972[2] and is still considered one of the most popular models.

The Super Distortion pickup produced a higher electrical output than most pickups normally fitted as standard to guitars at the time. It has around twice the output of a PAF-type pickup,[citation needed] and stronger ceramic magnets. This drove the input stage of guitar amplifiers with roughly twice as much voltage as a PAF pickup, so that an overdriven distorted sound was easier to obtain.

Two of the technologies that they are known for are:

  • Dual-Resonance design, which uses different size wire gauges to produce a different resonant peak for each coil, providing unique sounds.
  • Airbucker™ design, which reduces string pull and increases sensitivity and sustain.

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Lawrence P. DiMarzio holds following US patents:

  • US patent 4133243, DiMarzio, Lawrence P., "Electric pickup", issued 1979-01-09 
  • US patent 4227434, DiMarzio, Lawrence P., "Adjustable soundhole mount for a musical pickup", issued 1980-10-14 
  • US patent 4320829, DiMarzio, Lawrence P.; Altilio, Daniel, "Merchandise display container", issued 1982-03-23  — a special container for merchandising pickups.
  • US patent 4442749, DiMarzio, Lawrence P.; Blucher, Steven L., "Electrical pickup for a stringed instrument having ferromagnetic strings", issued 1984-04-17 


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