Devil's Throat Cave

Coordinates: 41°37′N 24°23′E / 41.61°N 24.38°E / 41.61; 24.38

Devil's Throat Cave from above
Devil's Throat Cave

Devil's Throat Cave, or Dyavolsko Garlo (Bulgarian: пещера Дяволското гърло), is located in the western Rhodopes close to the village of Gyovren in Bulgaria, near its border with Greece. A popular tourist attraction, Devil's Throat branches from Trigrad Gorge.

In fictionEdit

Devil's Throat shape

Also, the connection has been made between the stories of the angels of God who disobeyed His commands and bestowed forbidden knowledge unto the humans, and mated with their women. The stories say that after doing so, the angels—or now the "Unwanted Angels"—were banished to a mysterious underground prison, thought by some to be in Devil's Throat.These creatures are also called the Nephilim and are referred to in the book of Genesis.

Discussed in the fiction novel "Angelology" by Danielle Trussoni.


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