The Detention Falls, a cascade waterfall on the Detention River, is located at Milabena in North West Tasmania, Australia.

Detention Falls
Detention Falls in September 2017
Detention Falls
Detention Falls is located in Tasmania
Detention Falls
LocationNorth West Tasmania, Australia
Coordinates41°0′14″S 145°31′33″E / 41.00389°S 145.52583°E / -41.00389; 145.52583Coordinates: 41°0′14″S 145°31′33″E / 41.00389°S 145.52583°E / -41.00389; 145.52583[1]
Total height30 metres (98 ft)
WatercourseDetention River

Location and descriptionEdit

The falls are situated about 20 km west of Wynyard, approximately 220 m above sea level,[1] and are located within the 3.29 km2 Detention Falls Conservation Area at Milabena.[2] The Detention River, its headwaters forming within the Dip Ranges, flows for about 23 km before discharging into Bass Strait. The river mouth is adjacent to the small communities of Detention and Hellyer, near Rocky Cape.[3]

At the point of the falls, the river forms a narrow channel through the quartzite rock above, before cascading onto a series of irregular steps, into a basin within the small gorge below.[4]

Public accessEdit

The viewing platform and walking track was closed to the public following engineering advice in 2008,[5] and the platform was subsequently removed.[6] A hazard sign at the start of the walking track advises that the viewing area is unsafe and may collapse.


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