Depok Lama at this period is one of region in the City of Depok.[1] In other hand, Depok Lama is the region boundary between the City of Depok and Bogor.[2] Renold Joseph said, "at the Dutch periode, the majority of inhabitants in Depok Lama is those Twelve Family name that received inheritance from Cornelis Chastelein."[3] Those Twelve Family are Bacas, Isakh, Jonathans, Jacob, Joseph, Loen, Laurens, Leander, Tholonse, Soedira, Samuel, and Zadokh.[4] Now, one of those Twelve Family aren't have a man generation (patrilineal culture) that is Zadokh Family.[2] Nowadays, Depok Lama still showing the existence, because those Twelve Family having the good sensitivity with those cultural values.[2]

Nowadays Depok Lama area lies at the center of City of Depok


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