Department of War (France)

The Department of War (French: Département de la Guerre) was a ministerial department of the King's household (Maison du Roi) during the Ancien Régime in France. The department had control over the French Royal Army, Maréchaussée (military police), and the Frontier Border Troops. In 1791, as part of the governmental reforms carried out by the Constitutional Cabinet of Louis XVI, the department was abolished and subsequently reformed as the Ministry of War.

Department of War
Département de la Guerre
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Department overview
Formed1 April 1547 (1547-04-01)
Dissolved25 May 1791 (1791-05-25)
Superseding agency
HeadquartersHôtel de la Guerre, Versailles
Minister responsible
Department executive
Parent departmentKing's Council
Child agencies


The first Secretary of State for War was appointed by Henry II of France on 1 April 1547, and till 25 May 1791 became commonplace to have a 'Secretary of State for War' leading the department.

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