Deodoro Stadium

Deodoro Stadium is a temporary stadium at Deodoro Modern Pentathlon Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium hosted rugby sevens and modern pentathlon events during the 2016 Summer Olympics. The stadium served as the venue for the seven-a-side football at the 2016 Summer Paralympics.[1]

Deodoro Stadium

The Deodoro Modern Pentathlon Park hosts all five competitions within walking distance:

Deodoro Stadium
Deodoro Aquatics Centre
(Deodoro) Youth Arena


Equestrian (show jumping), Pistol shooting/running (combined)
Swimming (200 m freestyle)
Fencing (Épée)

The Deodoro Pentathlon Park is a part of the greater Deodoro Olympic venues cluster which also hosts the Olympic Whitewater Canoe/Kayak slalom, Field Hockey, Mountain Bike and BMX cycling competitions. The Mountain Bike, BMX and Whitewater venues are grouped together in the Deodoro Extreme Park (or X Park).


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