Deodoro Olympic Whitewater Stadium

The Deodoro Olympic Whitewater Stadium is a whitewater paddling venue, constructed to host the canoeing and kayaking slalom events for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The stadium is part of the 'X-Park' sport complex (which includes BMX and Mountain Bike) located in Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Deodoro Olympic Whitewater Stadium
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Olympic Whitewater Stadium
LocaleRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Managing agent2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games
DesignerWhitewater Parks International Vigliecca&Associates
Main shapeTwo Loops
Pumped7 pumps total

Competition: 4 x 4.0 m3/s (140 cu ft/s) each

Training: 3 x 3.5 m3/s (120 cu ft/s) each
Canoe liftyes
Opening date2015 (2015) (cost $45 million)
LengthCompetition: 250 metres (820 ft) Training: 200 metres (656 ft)
DropCompetition: 4.5 metres (14.8 ft) Training: 2.0 metres (7 ft)
SlopeCompetition: 1.8% (95 ft/mi) Training: 1.0% (53 ft/mi)
FlowrateCompetition: 12.0 m3/s (420 cu ft/s) Training: 10.5 m3/s (370 cu ft/s)
Plan view of the pump-powered canoe slalom venue for the 2016 Olympic Games.
Slalom gate positions for 2016 Olympic Heats, 7 August.
Slalom gate positions for 2016 Olympic Semi-Finals and Finals, 9 August.

Results of Olympic competition: C-1 men, C-2 men, K-1 men, K-1 women.


Coordinates: 22°50′55″S 43°24′09″W / 22.8486°S 43.4026°W / -22.8486; -43.4026