Dentist (Amendment) Bill, 2016

Dentist (Amendment) Bill, 2016 is an Indian legislation which is amedment for Dentist act, 1948. It was passed by Rajya Sabha on 1 August, 2016 approving the applicability of NEET. [2]

Dentist (amedment) act, 2016
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Parliament of India
  • Amedment act for Dentist act, 2016
CitationAmedment act for Dentist act, 2016 [1].pdf
Territorial extentIndia
Enacted byParliament of India
Enacted1 August, 2016 [1]
Commenced1 August, 2016
Status: In force


10 DEdit

Uniform entrance examination for all dental college for UG & PG level in languages like Hindi, English and other languages


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