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Denag was a 5th-century Sasanian queen (banbishn). She was the wife of the king (shah) Yazdegerd II (r. 438–457). Her origins are unknown, though given that her name had previously been used by Sasanian princesses, Denag may have been born a member of the royal family.[1]

Queen regent of the Sasanian Empire
SpouseYazdegerd II
IssuePeroz I
Hormizd III

When Yazdegerd I died in 457, Hormizd III ascended the throne at Ray. His younger brother Peroz I, with the support of the powerful Mihranid magnate Raham Mihran, fled to the northeastern part of the empire and began raising an army in order to claim the throne for himself.[2][3] The empire thus fell into a dynastic struggle and became divided; the mother of the two brothers, Denag temporarily ruled as regent of the empire from its capital, Ctesiphon.[2]

Peroz eventually emerged victorious during the struggle, and became the new king of the Sasanian Empire. Hormizd, and three members of his family were killed.[4]


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