Democratic People's Party (Northern Cyprus)

The Democratic People's Party (Turkish: Demokratik Halk Partisi) was a conservative political party in Northern Cyprus.[1]


The party was established in 1979 by defectors from the National Unity Party led by Nejat Konuk.[1] The party began with five members of the National Council,[1] and gained a sixth in 1981 when the Populist Party merged into it.[2]

The 1981 elections saw the party reduced to only three seats due to voter dissatisfaction with the territory's conservative parties.[1] The party's presidential candidate Husamettin Tanyar finished fourth with 4.8% of the vote.[1] Following the election Konuk was elected Speaker. The party failed to win a seat in the 1985 elections, and did not contest any further elections.[3]


The party claimed to hold social democratic principles, but was opposed to state intervention in the economy.[4]


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