Democratic Front for the Liberation of Somalia

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Somalia was a Somali insurgent group, fighting against the government of Siad Barre. Ideologically DFLS was oriented towards Marxism and nationalism.[1] DFLS was led by a group of former Central Committee members of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP), who considered that Siad Barre had deviated from the revolutionary path.[2] The movement was founded around 1978 by Abdirahman Aidid Ahmad, former chairman of the Ideological Bureau of SRSP.[2][3] DFLS had its headquarters in Aden, South Yemen.[2]

Reportedly, DFLS fighters obtained military training in Syria.[4]

In 1981, DFLS merged with the Somali Salvation Front and the Somali Workers Party, forming the Somali Salvation Democratic Front.[2]


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