Democratic Convergence Party (Cape Verde)

The Democratic Convergence Party (Portuguese: Partido da Convergência Democrática, PCD) was a political party in Cape Verde.

History edit

The PCD was formed in 1994, following a split in the Movement for Democracy.[1] In the 1995 parliamentary elections the party received 6.7% of the vote, winning a single seat in the 72-seat National Assembly.[1]

In the buildup to the January 2001 parliamentary elections the party joined the Democratic Alliance for Change (ADM), a coalition including the Democratic and Independent Cape Verdean Union (UCID) and the Labour and Solidarity Party (PTS). The alliance received 6% of the vote, winning two seats in the National Assembly.[2] In the presidential elections a month later, ADM candidate Jorge Carlos Fonseca finished third of the four candidates with 3% of the vote.

The alliance split prior to the 2006 parliamentary elections, which UCID and the PTS contested alone, while the PCD did not participate.

References edit

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