A demitasse (/ˈdɛmɪtæs/; French: "half cup") or demi-tasse[1] is a small cup used to serve espresso. It may also refer to the contents served in such a cup (though that usage had disappeared in France by the early 20th century).[1]

Demitasse set with metal frames and spoons

A demitasse typically has a capacity of approximately 60–90 millilitres (2–3 US fl oz), half the size of a full coffee cup (a tasse à café is about 120 millilitres (4 US fl oz)).[2] They are typically ceramic and accompanied by matching saucers, but some coffeehouses and china companies also produce brightly decorated varieties.[3][4] Another type of demitasse has a glass cup set into a metal frame, called a zarf.

Demitasse cups are small because they usually serve espresso, which is a stronger, more concentrated coffee, best served in smaller portions.

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