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Delporte is a lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon. It overlies part of the northwestern rim of the huge walled plain Fermi, and the crater Litke is nearly attached to the southeastern rim. The crater is named after Eugène Joseph Delporte.

Delporte crater AS15-M-0894.jpg
Crater Delporte as seen by the mapping camera of Apollo 15
Coordinates 16°00′S 121°36′E / 16.0°S 121.6°E / -16.0; 121.6Coordinates: 16°00′S 121°36′E / 16.0°S 121.6°E / -16.0; 121.6
Diameter 45 km
Depth unknown
Colongitude 240° at sunrise
Eponym Eugène Delporte
Oblique view from Apollo 15 Panoramic Camera

The rim of this crater is only marginally worn, although it is not quite circular and the edge is somewhat uneven. There is a shelf running along the northern inner wall. At the midpoint is a central ridge that extends to the northward.

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