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Delirium is an Italian progressive rock musical group, best known for the song "Jesahel".

Delirium Un disco per l'estate.jpg
Background information
Genres progressive rock
Labels Fonit Cetra

The group formed in 1969, with the name Sagittari and with a beat repertoire.[1] The group changed his name after the entrance of Ivano Fossati that replaced the Sagittari singer Riccardo Anselmi, in the late 1970.[2][3]

Since their first single "Canto di Osanna" (1971), presented at the Festival di Musica d'Avanguardia e di Nuove Tendenze, the group gained an immediate success.[1] In 1972 Delirium entered the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Jesahel", reaching sixth place in the competition and peaking number one on the Italian hit parade.[2][4] After the new single "Haum" that Delirium presented at Un disco per l'estate Fossati left the group to start a solo career.[1][2] After two more albums the group disbanded in mid-1970s, until a reunion in early 2000s.[1][2]






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