The Deleriga Bridge (Chinese: 得樂日嘎大橋; pinyin: Délèrìgā Dàqiáo) is a bridge in Maolin District, Kaohsiung in Taiwan. It crosses the Zhuokou River.[1]

Deleriga Bridge

Coordinates22°53′00.2″N 120°39′15.4″E / 22.883389°N 120.654278°E / 22.883389; 120.654278Coordinates: 22°53′00.2″N 120°39′15.4″E / 22.883389°N 120.654278°E / 22.883389; 120.654278
LocaleMaolin, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Width10 meters
Height52 meters
Clearance below6.85 meters
No. of lanes2
Construction start14 December 2010
Construction endApril 2013
Construction costNT$700 million
Opened20 April 2013
Inaugurated11 May 2013
Deleriga Bridge is located in Taiwan
Deleriga Bridge
Deleriga Bridge


Construction of Deleriga Bridge

In August 2009, Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan and caused the road near the entrance of Maolin National Scenic Area to collapse. Due to that incident, the Kaohsiung County Government decided to build a bridge.[1] The construction of the whole section of the bridge started on 14 December 2010[2] and was completed in April 2013 with a cost of NT$700 million. The bridge was opened on 20 April 2013 and was inaugurated on 11 May 2013.[3]

Technical specificationsEdit

The section of the bridge that runs over the Zhukou River is 800 metres (2,600 ft) long. It has a width of 10 metres (33 ft) and maximum height of 52 metres (171 ft) and carries two 3.5-metre (11 ft) traffic lanes.[4] The deepest pier foundation in caisson is 38 metres (125 ft) in depth.[3] The clearance height between the bridge girder and the river water level of a 50-year flood is 6.85 metres (22.5 ft).[5]

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