Degel Yehuda Haifa F.C.

Degel Yehuda Haifa (Hebrew: דגל יהודה חיפה‎, lit. Judah Flag Haifa), was an Israeli football club based in Haifa.

Degel Yehuda Haifa
Full nameDegel Yehuda Haifa Football Club
דגל יהודה חיפה
1955–56Liga Gimel, ?


The club was founded in 1944 by Sephardi Jews in Haifa[1] and mostly played friendlies in its first years of existence. In 1946, the club entered Liga Bet, where it finished second-bottom. The club finished second-bottom once again in Liga Meuhedet, but despite this it was placed in Liga Bet. The club achieved its best position, 8th, in 1952, but returned to second-bottom the following season and relegated to Liga Gimel.

In 1956 the club merged with Beitar Haifa to create Beitar Yehuda.[2] However, at the end of the season the merge was cancelled and the club wasn't re-established.


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