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Defence College of Healthcare Education and Training

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The Defence College of Healthcare Education and Training (DCHET) is based at Whittington Barracks. It is the training centre of Defence Medical Services. It trains military personnel to deal with situations that civilian paramedics would be involved with; i.e. more advanced situations than those which just require first aid.

Defence College of Healthcare Education and Training
MOD Badge.jpg
CountryUnited Kingdom
RoleDefence training college
Part ofRoyal Centre for Defence Medicine
Based atDMS Whittington Barracks (DMS(W))
Nickname(s)DCHET, DMS Whittington



The Defence Medical Services Training Centre was formed from the training centres for the three services and was initially subordinate to the Defence Medical Training Organisation when the latter was created in 1996.[1] However the Defence Medical Services Training Centre became subordinate to the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine in 2008.[2] Initially based at Keogh Barracks on Mytchett Place Road, Mytchett, Surrey, it moved to Whittington Barracks as the Defence College of Healthcare Education and Training in 2014.[3]


A member of the Estonian armed forces takes part in a training package at DMSTC, designed to prepare for a deployment to Afghanistan with the UK Joint Force Medical Group.

The college is a Ministry of Defence Agency that provides Phase 2 training for medical personnel for all three armed forces (Combat Medical Technicians - CMTs and Medical Assistants - MAs), excluding that for medical doctors (from university medical schools). It trains the:

The Army Medical Services Museum is still based at Keogh Barracks.[4]


Commandants of the Royal Army Medical Corps Training CentreEdit

  • Brigadier Desmond Murphy (1970 to 1973)[5]
  • Brigadier Richard Bradshaw (1973 to 1975)
  • Colonel Geoffrey Banks (c.1985 to c.1988)

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