Deer Island (Mississippi)

Deer Island is an island off the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi that was once part of the mainland and is not a barrier island.[1] It is the closest island to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and consists of approximately 400 acres (1.6 km2). In 2011, TITANTubes, sometimes referred to as geotubes, were utilized as low profile dune cores to protect the island.

Deer Island as seen from Point Cadet


For several years, local casinos tried to develop the island. However, the majority of the island was acquired by the State of Mississippi on May 24, 2002, which intends to preserve its current undeveloped state.


Deer island is home to 10 endangered species of plants and animals.


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Deer Island becomes Coastal Preserve Retrieved 2-2-2009.

Coordinates: 30°22′33″N 88°50′57″W / 30.37583°N 88.84917°W / 30.37583; -88.84917