Decumano Superiore, Naples

The Decumano or Decumanus Superiore was one of the three main east-west roads (Decumani) in the Ancient Roman city of Naples.

This street is the upper (superiore) and most Northern of the three decumani, or east-west streets, of the grid of the original Greco-Roman city of Neapolis. The central main Decumanus Maggiore is now Via dei Tribunali; while the southernmost or lower Decumanus Inferiore is now Spaccanapoli. The three decumani were (and still are) intersected by numerous north-south cross-streets called cardini, together forming the grid of the ancient city.


The Decumanus Superiore is now comprised by via della Sapienza and via dell'Anticaglia, and via Santi Apostoli. Among the buildings and palaces on the road are:

The other two decumani are closer to the coast: Decumano Maggiore (Via dei Tribunali) and Decumano Inferiore (Spaccanapoli), also exist in some form or other, mostly as narrow lanes.

Coordinates: 40°51′09″N 14°15′23″E / 40.8526°N 14.2564°E / 40.8526; 14.2564