Death Steps in the Dark

Death Steps in the Dark (Italian: Passi di morte perduti nel buio, which translates as Death Steps Lost in the Dark) is a 1977 Italian-Greek giallo film directed by Maurizio Pradeaux.[1][2] Pradeaux directed only one other giallo, the 1973 Death Carries a Cane.

Death Steps in the Dark
Death Steps in the Dark.jpg
Directed byMaurizio Pradeaux
Written byArpad De Riso
Maurizio Pradeaux
StarringLeonard Mann
Robert Webber
Music byRiz Ortolani
CinematographyAldo Ricci
Edited byEugenio Alabiso
Release date
  • 1977 (1977)
Running time
95 minutes


An Italian reporter named Luciano (Leonard Mann) is on an express train in Greece when a murder occurs. As the train goes into a darkened tunnel, the murderer takes the opportunity to kill a woman on the train with a letter opener. Since the letter opener belonged to Luciano, the people on the train blame him for the girl's murder. With the aid of his Swedish girlfriend (Vera Kruska) and a criminal he meets along the way, Luciano tries to prove his innocence by solving the mystery and producing the real culprit.


  • Leonard Mann as Luciano Morelli
  • Robert Webber as Inspector
  • Vera Kruska as Ingrid Stelmosson
  • Nino Maimone as Omar Effendi
  • Barbara Seidel as Ida Tuclidis
  • Albertina Capuani
  • Luigi Romano
  • Bartolillo Palma
  • Susy Jennings as Ulla
  • Imelde Marani[3]

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