Dealema are one of the oldest Portuguese hip hop groups, created in the 1990s, with members from Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. Began with the merger of two projects: Factor X that had Mundo Segundo and DJ Guze and Mike, and Fullashit, in which were Fuse and Ex-Peão. However, Mike left the group early and then, later, they met the fifth element Maze, and together formed Dealema, who are still performing with the same line-up 18 years after their formation.

Sharp tongue MC's with an extensive vocabulary, all the band members are also producers, which has generated a growing number of fans not only in Portugal but in other countries where Portuguese is the official language, where the band already has a solid base followers. It has also been the facet that has provided Dealema several collaborations within and across borders with leading artists in the hip hop and soul scene. The first release of Dealema to see the light of day comes in 1996, presenting the mythical "Expresso do Submundo", which was recently reissued in K7, a gift to the fans who have never had commercial access to this EP. The self-titled album in 2003 was followed by very positive critics by the journalists. That's when the media adventure began and by that time Dealema were cover of many magazines and played in the largest music festivals in Portugal. Discography shows us soon after in 2008 the "V Império" that would confirm the status of this leading band, consolidating Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia as the capital of hip hop in Portugal. Two years later, they got an invitation from Henrique Amaro - a radio presenter from Antena 3, and associated with a successful partnership to the label NOS Discos editing the EP "Arte de Viver" that catapulted Dealema to the fore, showing that hip-hop does not have to be black to be strong. In 2011 the band got back to the heavy beats and darker lyrical with "A Grande Tribulação". On this album the Pentagon paints the screen of the pre apocalyptic moment hanging over humanity. Using poetry as vehicle the message wants to directly impact the listener creating concrete feelings. Finishing the year 2013 came "Alvorada da Alma", which is a return to the origins, where it all began, the passion for music from the first moment until what it is today. The work shows for the first time 12 guests, some of them international names in the hip-hop scene and others from different musical universes than rap. Each guest fits perfectly in the song, giving the ingredients of their identity to a composition of 13 songs that have in "Bom dia" the advance single with more airplay ever.


  • O Expresso do Submundo (1996, EP)
  • Dealema (2003, LP)
  • V Império (2008, LP)
  • Arte de Viver (2010, EP)
  • A Grande Tribulação (2011, LP)
  • Alvorada da Alma (2013, LP)

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