Dead Season

Dead Season (Russian: Мёртвый сезон, translit. Myortvyy sezon) is a 1968 Soviet spy film directed by Savva Kulish based on a screenplay by Aleksandr Shlepyanov and Vladimir Vajnshtok and featuring Donatas Banionis and Rolan Bykov.

Dead Season
(Мёртвый сезон)
Dead Season.jpg
Directed bySavva Kulish
Written byAleksandr Shlepyanov
Vladimir Vajnshtok
StarringDonatas Banionis
Rolan Bykov
Sergei Kurilov
CinematographyAleksandr Chechulin
Music byAndrei Volkonsky
Release date
  • 20 December 1968 (1968-12-20)
Running time
138 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


A connection between Dr. Hass and the West German intelligence was killed at an airport in one of the European countries. Encryption was discovered in the pocket of the murdered person for the purchase of raw material for mass production of RH gas.

The possibilities of gas are such that in small doses it stimulates the intellectual potential of a person, in large ones it turns them into a joyous idiot and a laborer-robot. The case of Haas is handled by the Soviet intelligence colonel Konstantin Ladeynikov. The main difficulty is that Ladeynikov has fallen into the sight of the intelligence services, but the intelligence officer asks for permission from his leadership to stay in the country and continue work.

However, Ladeynikov has no portrait of Hass so he needs a person who can identify him. The KGB leadership appeals to the actor of the children's theater, the father of two children, Ivan Savushkin, with a request to draw a portrait of Hass. In 1944, Savushkin fled from a Nazi concentration camp, where Hass conducted his fatal experiments, turning people into meaningless animals. Over time, Savushkin understands how much he depends on him in the operation with Haas and agrees to go to help Ladeynikov. In addition, he knows German well.




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