The Dayah Hotel attack occurred on 25 January 2017 when a hotel in the Somali capital city Mogadishu was attacked by al-Shabaab gunmen and car bombs, killing 28 people and injuring 43 others.[1] Taking place shortly after 08:00 on a Wednesday morning, the attack began when a car filled with explosives rammed the gate of the Dayah Hotel, a luxury hotel popular with politicians, and detonated. Immediately after, four armed militants attempted to storm the hotel – however Somali security guards shot the men dead before they reached it. As emergency services and journalists converged on the scene, a second car bomb detonated, causing more casualties.[2][3][4]

Dayah Hotel attack
Part of Somali Civil War (2009–present)
Dayah Hotel
Dayah Hotel
Dayah Hotel attack (Somalia)
Dayah Hotel
LocationMogadishu, Somalia
Coordinates2°02′09.3″N 45°19′38.0″E / 2.035917°N 45.327222°E / 2.035917; 45.327222
Date25 January 2017
TargetDayah Hotel
Attack type
Suicide bombing
WeaponsCar bombs & guns
Deaths28 (not including perpetrators)

Radio Andalus, a station with links to Al-Shabaab, reported that "well-armed mujahideen attacked the hotel, and now they are fighting inside the hotel." The attack came shortly before the date of the country's presidential election was due to be announced.[5]

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