David Trottier is an American screenwriter, consultant, author and educator. He's best known for his screenwriting guide, The Screenwriter's Bible.[1]

David Trottier
Nationality (legal)American
Occupation(s)Author, educator, screenwriter, consultant
Years active1994—present
Known forThe Screenwriter's Bible

Career edit

Trottier graduated with an M.A. from Goddard College, as well as the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute and the Hollywood Film Institute.

After doing some minor rewrites on Zorro the Gay Blade, Trottier sold his first spec, The Secret of Question Mark Cave to Disney.[2] Trottier would sell projects to Jim Henson Pictures, York Entertainment, On the Bus Productions, ABC and New Century Pictures. These include Igor's Revenge, The Muppet's Hockey Movie—The Comeback Kids (not completed due to Henson's death), Ratman From Saturn, Kumquat, The New Musketeers, and A Window in Time. He also co-wrote and co-produced Hercules Recycled.[3][4]

Publications edit

  • The Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script. Clear Stream Inc Publishing. 1994. ISBN 9781885655035.
  • Dr. Format Tells All: Everything you need to format your screenplay (4th ed.). Applewood Arts. 2019. ISBN 9781885655141.

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