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David Stuttard is a British theatre director, classical scholar, translator, lecturer on classical literature and history, and author, primarily of historical works on the ancient world [1].

David Stuttard
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Stuttard read Classics at the University of St Andrews and taught the subject for eleven years. As well as being a professional lecturer and author, in 1993 he founded the touring theatre company Actors of Dionysus,[1] which specializes in classical Greek drama. From 1993 to 2004 he was co-Artistic Director with Tamsin Shasha and directed his own translations and adaptations at venues in the UK and abroad. He has also written dramatic reconstructions of the lost Euripides plays Alexandros and Palamedes, which were premiered as part of 'The Trojan Trilogy' at the British Museum in April 2008.[2] He teaches at University College London Workshops and at the Ancient and Classical Worlds Summer School at The University of Cambridge.[3][4]

Published worksEdit

Euripides' 'Medea' Translation Penguin Audiobooks 1997
Essays on 'Trojan Women' Edition, with Tamsin Shasha Actors of Dionysus 2002
Essays on 'Agamemnon' Edition, with Tamsin Shasha Actors of Dionysus 2003
An Introduction to 'Trojan Women' An essay, with an adaptation and Audio CD of the play Company Dionysus 2005
Essays on 'Bacchae' Edition Actors of Dionysus 2006
Looking at Lysistrata: Eight Essays and a New Version of Aristophanes' Provocative Comedy Edition Duckworth 2010
AD 410: The Year That Shook Rome Written with Sam Moorhead British Museum Press 2010
Power Games: Ritual and Rivalry at the Ancient Greek Olympics British Museum Press 2012
31 BC: Antony, Cleopatra and the Fall of Egypt British Museum Press 2012
The Romans Who Shaped Britain Written with Sam Moorhead Thames & Hudson 2012
The Parthenon: Power and Politics on the Acropolis British Museum Press 2013
Looking at Medea: Essays and a translation of Euripides' tragedy Bloomsbury Academic 2014
A History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives Thames & Hudson 2014
Sappho: The Sweetness of Honey Translations with Josephine Balmer, Audio CD Actors of Dionysus 2015
Greek Mythology: A Traveller's Guide from Mount Olympus to Troy Drawings by Lis Watkins Thames & Hudson 2016
Looking at Bacchae: Essays and a translation of Euripides' tragedy Bloomsbury Academic 2016
Nemesis: Alcibiades and the Fall of Athens Harvard University Press 2018
Looking at Antigone: Essays and a translation of Sophocles' tragedy Bloomsbury Academic 2019


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