David L. Loew

David Leonard Loew (October 5, 1897 – March 25, 1973) was an American film producer.[1]


He and his twin brother, Arthur Loew were born on October 5, 1897 to MGM founder Marcus Loew.[2]

After being elected to the board of directors of Loew's, Inc., in 1922, he resigned from the studio in 1935 to launch an independent production career.[3] In the early 1940s, he formed an independent production company with Albert Lewin and Stanley Kramer.[4] At the end of World War II, he formed Enterprise Productions with actor John Garfield and former Warner Bros. publicity chief Charles Einfeld.[5]

He died on March 25, 1973 at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He was survived by his wife, Hilda.[1]



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