David I Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl

David I Strathbogie (died 6 August 1270) was the first of the Strathbogie Earls of Atholl.

David was the son of John de Strathbogie and Ada, suo jure Countess of Atholl.

He died at Tunis (or Carthage) in the Eighth Crusade, in the company of Louis IX of France, having married before June 1266, Isabel (d. 1292), daughter of Richard de Dover, feudal baron of Chilham, Kent, by his spouse Maud, suo jure Countess of Angus. In 1266 Isabel was heiress to her brother, Richard de Dover, by which she inherited the barony of Chilham, with the manor of Chingford Earls, Essex. In 1270 they leased the latter to the Knights Templar by licence from the king.

The 8th Earl of Atholl was succeeded by their only son, John de Strathbogie, 9th Earl of Atholl, Warden and Justiciar of Scotland.


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Preceded by
Earl of Atholl
Succeeded by
John de Strathbogie