David Galloway (botanist)

David John Galloway FRGS, FLS, FRSNZ[7] (7 May 1942 – 6 December 2014) was a biochemist, botanist, and lichenologist.[5]

David Galloway
Photograph of David Galloway holding the Acharius Medal 2008 and a picture of Erik Acharius
Galloway in 2008
Born(1942-05-07)7 May 1942
Invercargill, New Zealand
Died6 December 2014(2014-12-06) (aged 72)
Dunedin, New Zealand[1]
Alma materUniversity of Otago
Known forFlora of New Zealand: Lichens
1st edition, 1988
2nd edition, 2007[2][3]
SpousePatricia Payne[4]
AwardsAcharius Medal (2008)[5][4]
Hutton Medal (2010)[6]
Scientific career
InstitutionsNatural History Museum, London
Landcare Research
Author abbrev. (botany)D.J.Galloway


Galloway grew up in Invercargill. After graduation from Southland Boys' High School, he studied at the University of Otago. There he graduated in 1963 with B.Sc., in 1965 with M.Sc., and in 1972 with Ph.D. — all three degrees in biochemistry. At the University of Otago, he was from 1963 to 1965 a fellow and tutor at Knox College and from 1965 to 1968 an assistant lecturer in biochemistry. He became in 1969 a scientific officer in the Applied Biochemistry Division of New Zealand's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) in Palmerston North. He transferred in 1973 to the Botany Division DSIR in Lincoln. His superiors in the Botany Division DSIR helped him gain secondment to the Department of Botany at the British Museum (Natural History) (now called the Natural History Museum, London). There he worked from 1973 to 1982 with Peter W. James on what eventually became the book Flora of New Zealand: Lichens. In the same department, Galloway was from 1982 to 1987 a senior research fellow. His 662-page book Flora of New Zealand: Lichens was published in 1985. The book was the first comprehensive account of New Zealand's lichens, although it covered only about 60% of the existing lichen flora.[1]

In the Lichen/Bryophyte Division, Environmental Quality Programme, Department of Botany, Natural History Museum, London, David Galloway was from 1987 to 1990 the principal scientific officer and from 1990 to 1994 the head of the Programme. In 1974 in Westminster, London, he married the opera singer Patricia Payne (who was born in Dunedin, New Zealand). In late 1994 David and his wife returned to New Zealand. From 1995 until his retirement in 2008, he was a member of Biosystematics of New Zealand Plants Programme of New Zealand's Landcare Research (which is one of New Zealand's Crown Research Institutes). There he worked on "systematic, environmental and ecological problems in Pacific lichenology with particular reference to the lichen mycobiotas of New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Malaysia; and to questions of lichen biodiversity, the role of lichens in high altitude grasslands, in temperate forest ecosystems, and to lichen biogeography, and history". As part of his job he worked on the second edition of Flora of New Zealand: Lichens, published in two volumes in 2007 (when it was also made available online).[1]

After his formal retirement in 2008, Galloway continued with Landcare Research as a research associate, working "on corrections, changes and additions to the lichen flora ... and an updated key to the genera, with the aim of making this information available as part of the eFlora, with production scheduled for later in 2015." He also contributed to various symposia and conferences, notably "those focusing on Carl Linnaeus (August 2007), Charles Darwin (September 2009), John Buchanan (November 2012) and Erik Acharius (August 2013)".[1][8]

He was the author or coauthor of over 300 scientific publications.[1] He collected lichens with Brian Coppins, Gerardo Guzmán, and Peter W. James.[9]

Certificate accompanying the Acharius Medal 2008 awarded to Dr. David J. Galloway for outstanding contributions to lichenology.

Further, as a lichen taxonomist and systematist, he had introduced six lichen genera, and named more than 250 new species and/or combinations ...Recognition also came through the 21 taxa named in his honour ...[1]

Galloway was president from 1987 to 1992 of the International Association for Lichenology (IAL). In 1988 the University of Otago awarded him an honorary D.Sc. in botany. He was elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London (FLS) in 1991 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand (FRSNZ) in 1998. Knox College, Otago appointed him Quinquennial Fellow in 2006.[1] In 2007 a festschrift was published in his honor.[10] Galloway was awarded the Acharius Medal 2008 for outstanding contributions to lichenology.

David Galloway, former president of the IAL, became 65 in May 2007. On this occasion 55 colleagues and friends contributed a Festschrift with 36 papers. ... It contains two parts, the first being devoted to the history of Lichenology with a focus on four famous lichenologists, viz. Galloway, Lindsay, Acharius, and Spruce. Part II, forming the main body of this publication, is focussed on the Southern Hemisphere and tropical lichenology with molecular phylogenetic studies, phytogeography, studies of the lichens of remote areas, and a considerable number of new taxa.[11]

In 2007, a genus of fungi in the Ascomycota phylum was named Gallaicolichen,[12] and also Davidgallowaya, which is a genus of lichenized fungi in the family Parmeliaceae,[13] both genera were named in his honour.[14]

In 2011 Galloway was elected a Foreign Member of Sweden's Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg.[1]

Selected publicationsEdit

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