David Bratman

David Bratman is a librarian and Tolkien scholar.


David Bratman was born in Chicago to Robert Bratman, a physician, and his wife Nancy, an editor. He was one of four sons in the family. He was brought up in Cleveland, Ohio and then in California.[1] He was educated at the University of California-Berkeley, and took his M.L.S. at the University of Washington. He works as a librarian at university and other libraries. He has contributed to Tolkien scholarship since 1977,[1] including 13 entries for the J. R. R. Tolkien Encyclopedia,[2] and helped to run the Hugo Awards for science fiction and fantasy.[3]

Bratman has edited the journal Mythprint for the Mythopoeic Society; he edits and contributes to the journal Tolkien Studies and to Mythlore, a journal on the Inklings.[1][4][5] He contributes articles on music to San Francisco Classical Voice.[6]


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