The Davenport Blue Sox was the name given to three minor league baseball teams based in Davenport, Iowa. The first version of the Blue Sox played in the Class B Three-I League from 1913–1916. The second played in the Class D Mississippi Valley League from 1929–1933, and the third version played in the Western League from 1934–1937. From 1936–1937, the team was a minor league affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Blue Sox played their home games at Municipal Stadium from 1931–1937 and were the foundation for today's tenant, the Quad Cities River Bandits.

Davenport Blue Sox
Minor league affiliations
Previous classes
  • Class A (1934–1937)
  • Class B (1933)
  • Class D (1929–1932)
  • Class B (1913–1916)
Major league affiliations
Previous teamsBrooklyn Dodgers (1936–1937)
Minor league titles
League titles 3 (1914, 1933, 1936)
Team data
Previous names
Previous parks
Blue Sox Park
Municipal Stadium

The 1933 club has been rated as the 58th best minor league baseball team of all time.[1]

Year-by-year records

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1913 68-66 3rd Daniel O'Leary No playoffs held
1914 83-52 1st Daniel O'Leary League Champs
1915 76-52 1st (t) Daniel O'Leary Lost League Finals
1916 56-77 8th Daniel O'Leary No playoffs held
1929 69-57 3rd Ed Reichle No playoffs held
1930 64-61 3rd Ed Reichle No playoffs held
1931 53-73 6th Ed Reichle / Cletus Dixon No playoffs held
1932 78-47 1st Cletus Dixon Lost League Finals
1933 82-32 1st Cletus Dixon League Champs
1934 70-53 2nd Cletus Dixon Lost League Finals
1935 70-46 1st Cletus Dixon Lost in 1st round
1936 74-52 1st Cletus Dixon League Champs
1937 57-59 3rd John Fitzpatrick No playoffs held

Notable alumni



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