Dave and Steve's Video Game Explosion

Dave and Steve's Video Game Explosion was a television video-game review show. In November 2001, it began airing on TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) as well as the Burly Bear TV network and later was part of a one-hour time slot.[1] Dave & Steve were listed on Entertainment Weekly's It List in 2002.[2]

Dave and Steve's Video Game Explosion
Created byTed Jessup
Steve Lookner
David Mandel
StarringSteve Lookner
David Mandel
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes12 (Including 1 hour long special and 2 that never aired)
Executive producersTed Jessup
Steve Lookner
David Mandel
Running time22 minutes
45 minutes (special 7th episode)
Original networkBurly Bear Network

The comedy-based variety show was hosted by two accomplished comedy writers, David Mandel (Cat in the Hat, Eurotrip, Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live) and Steve Lookner (Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live). VGE was produced by Jack Helmuth and Shawn Valine. The main writers were Craig Digregorio (Da Ali G Show) and James Eagan.[citation needed]

Between game reviews the hosts often mocked their sponsor, SoBe, or abused their cheerleader Tiffany Holiday.[3]

The show was produced by the Burly Bear Network (also known as Burly TV), a college television network headed by Lorne Michaels.[1]


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