David Lawrence Fridmann is an American record producer and musician.

Dave Fridmann
Birth nameDavid Lawrence Fridmann
OriginBuffalo, New York, United States
Occupation(s)Record producer, audio engineer, musician
Instrument(s)Bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Years active1989 to present
Formerly ofMercury Rev

Career edit

From 1990 onwards he co-produced most releases by Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips. Other bands he has worked with include Weezer, Saxon Shore, Neon Indian, Wolf Gang, Ammonia, Ed Harcourt, Sparklehorse, Creeper Lagoon, Café Tacuba, Creaming Jesus, Elf Power, Mogwai, Thursday, Longwave, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, The Delgados, Low, Phantom Planet, Gemma Hayes, Ava Luna, Goldrush, Tapes 'n Tapes,[1] Baroness,[2] and MGMT.[3]

As a musician, Fridmann was the bassist and a founding member of Mercury Rev. He gave up his role as a touring member of the band in 1993 to concentrate on producing other artists.[4] In 2001, Fridmann was included on MOJO's 100 Sonic Visionaries list and was described as "the Phil Spector of the Alt-Rock era".[5] In 2007, he received a Grammy for The Flaming Lips' At War With The Mystics at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards (Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical).[6] In 2010, three Fridmann-produced albums were listed on the Rolling Stone 100 Best Albums of The Decade: MGMT's Oracular Spectacular, The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and Sleater-Kinney's The Woods.[7]

Fridmann often brings a distinctive, expansive, open sound to the albums he produces, which has much in common with that used by Mercury Rev.

Fridmann is an occasional faculty member of SUNY Fredonia, teaching sound recording techniques in the Fredonia School of Music.

In 2017, Fridmann became the director for the Western New York Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps, where he plays the bass drum. The group disbanded in 2022.[8]

Discography edit

As producer edit

Release year[9] Album Artist
1990 In a Priest Driven Ambulance The Flaming Lips
1991 Yerself Is Steam Mercury Rev
1992 Hit To Death In The Future Head The Flaming Lips
1993 Boces Mercury Rev
1994 Syrup Macrame Radial Spangle
1994 Chaos For The Converted Creaming Jesus
1995 See You on the Other Side Mercury Rev
1995 Clouds Taste Metallic The Flaming Lips
1996 Revelater Jennyanykind
1997 Zaireeka The Flaming Lips
1997 Souls For Sale Verbena
1998 Deserter's Songs Mercury Rev
1998 Eleventh Avenue Ammonia
1999 XIV Home
1999 The Soft Bulletin The Flaming Lips
1999 Hope and Adams Wheat
1999 School Girl Distortional Addict Number Girl
1999 A Dream in Sound Elf Power
1999 Come on Die Young Mogwai
2000 The Great Eastern The Delgados
2000 Sappukei Number Girl
2001 Rock Action Mogwai
2001 It's a Wonderful Life Sparklehorse
2001 All Is Dream Mercury Rev
2001 Without a Plan Bodega
2002 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots The Flaming Lips
2002 Num-Heavymetallic Number Girl
2002 Romantica Luna
2002 Hate The Delgados
2003 The Strangest Things Longwave
2003 Songs for Dustmites Steve Burns
2003 Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second Wheat
2003 Night on My Side Gemma Hayes
2003 Drveće i rijeke [Trees and Rivers] Pips, Chips & Videoclips
2003 Cuatro Caminos Café Tacuba
2003 Bad Timing Grand Mal
2004 Phantom Planet Phantom Planet
2005 The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore Saxon Shore
2005 The Woods Sleater-Kinney
2005 The Secret Migration Mercury Rev
2005 The Great Destroyer Low
2006 The Philosophy of Velocity Brazil
2006 Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain Sparklehorse
2006 A City by the Light Divided Thursday
2006 At War With The Mystics The Flaming Lips
2007 Some Loud Thunder Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
2007 Drums and Guns Low
2007 Oracular Spectacular MGMT
2008 Zazen Boys 4 Zazen Boys
2008 Walk It Off Tapes 'N Tapes
2008 Snowflake Midnight Mercury Rev
2008 Christmas on Mars The Flaming Lips
2009 Embryonic The Flaming Lips
2009 Eating Us Black Moth Super Rainbow
2009 Common Existence Thursday
2010 Innerspeaker (mixing) Tame Impala
2010 The Wild Trapeze Brandon Boyd
2010 Of the Blue Colour of the Sky OK Go
2011 Era Extraña Neon Indian
2011 180/365 OK Go
2011 Suego Faults Wolf Gang
2011 Flux Outside Royal Bangs
2011 No Devolución Thursday
2012 Lonerism (mixing) Tame Impala
2012 Hello Hum Wintersleep
2012 In the Belly of the Brazen Bull The Cribs
2013 The Terror The Flaming Lips
2014 They Want My Soul Spoon
2014 Only Run Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
2014 Hungry Ghosts OK Go
2014 Dizzy Heights Neil Finn
2015 English Graffiti The Vaccines
2015 Permanence No Devotion
2015 Purple Baroness
2017 Oczy Mlody The Flaming Lips
2017 Hot Thoughts Spoon
2017 The Tourist Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
2017 Every Country's Sun Mogwai
2017 Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar Vetusta Morla
2018 Little Dark Age MGMT[10]
2018 Human Music Solomon Grey
2018 Marauder Interpol[11]
2018 This Is Eggland The Lovely Eggs
2019 Gold & Grey Baroness
2019 How To Work A Room Superet[12]
2020 I Am Moron The Lovely Eggs
2020 Love Is An Art Vanessa Carlton
2021 As the Love Continues Mogwai
2024 Loss Of Life MGMT[13]
2024 Not yet titled Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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