Das Nachtlager in Granada

Das Nachtlager in Granada (The Night Camp in Granada) is a romantic opera in two acts by Conradin Kreutzer. The libretto is by Karl Johann Braun von Braunthal [de] based on Johann Friedrich Kind's 1818 drama of the same name.

Das Nachtlager in Granada
Opera by Conradin Kreutzer
Nachtlager Playbill.png
Playbill of the premiere
TranslationThe Night Camp in Granada
LibrettistKarl Johann Braun von Braunthal [de]
13 January 1834 (1834-01-13)

Performance historyEdit

The premiere of a first version with spoken dialogue was performed on 13 January 1834 at Theater in der Josefstadt, Vienna. The second version (with recitatives) was performed on 9 March 1837 at Theater am Kärntnertor.

It was subsequently given in London at the former Prince's Theatre on 13 May 1840, and in New York City on 15 December 1862.


Roles, voice types, premiere cast
Role Voice type Premiere cast, 13 January 1834[1]
Conductor: Conradin Kreutzer
Gabriele, Ambrosio's niece soprano Anna Segatta
Gomez, a young shepherd tenor Josef Emminger [de]
A hunter baritone Karl-Josef Pöck
Count Otto, a German nobleman bass Brava
Vasco, a shepherd tenor Rott
Pedro, a shepherd bass Koch
Ambrosio, an old shepherd bass Borschitzky
An Alcalde baritone Josef Preisinger
Hunters, servants, shepherds and shepherdesses, magistrates


Place: Granada in Spain
Time: middle of the 16th century


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