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Darbar (title)

Darbar (Persian: دربار, Urdu: دربار, Pashto: دربار, Hindi: दरबार, Bengali: দরবার, Nepali: दरबार) is a South Asian word mainly derived from Persian language and also equally common in all South Asian languages. It was the term used for the court or levee of the prince; an audience chamber[1] or a place where Muslim Kings and other rulers had their formal and informal meetings, i.e. in European context, equivalent to a king's court.

Darbar is a Persian-derived term (from Persian: دربار - darbār) meaning the court or place of discussion of king, Prince, ruler or noble court. It was later used in Pakistan, India and Nepal for a ruler's court or feudal levee as the latter came to be ruled and later administered by foreigners. A darbar may be either a feudal state council for administering the affairs of a princely state, or a Muslim shrine like data darbar in Lahore.