Dapayk is an alias for German musician, label owner and techno producer Niklas Worgt (born February 8, 1978 in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany). He is one of the protagonists of Germany's MinimalTechno scene.

Dapayk at I Love Vinyl Wintersession 2013


Born in Thuringia Dapayk initially came into contact with BrokenBeats and Drum and Bass in the early 90s. His first stage appearances happened as the DrumandBass Live Act 'Frauds in White' and marked the beginning of his career in the electronic music business. With 'Frauds in White' and his former alter ego 'Sonstware' Dapayk became a well-known Resident DJ in Central Germany.[1]

By the end of the 90s he reformed his sounds. His productions transcended from broken beats to straight Techno. A form of Techno that is known today as an experimental platform under the alias Dapayk.

In 2000, after his first releases Dapayk founded his label 'Mo's Ferry Productions'. The label is mainly dedicated to minimalistic Techno and was extended by the sublabels 'Fenou' in 2005 and 'Rrygular' in 2006. His significant role in MinimalTechno today is due to his appearances as a live act, remixer and various collaborations. With his wife, photo model Eva Padberg, he formed the project 'Dapayk & Padberg' and released their fifth album 'Harbour' in the spring of 2017, after the success of 'Close Up', 'Black Beauty', 'Sweet Nothings' and 'Smoke'.[2]

Apart from his own labels Dapayk releases on labels such as ‘Stil vor Talent’, ‘Herzblut’, ‘Karloff’, ‘Textone’, ‘Orac’, ‘Contexterrrior’, ‘Resopal Schallware’ and ‘Friends of Tomorrow’. Furthermore, he produced various solo albums incognito as ‘Marek Bois’ on ‘Trapez’ or ‘Rrygular’.

Dapayk continues to work as studio producer for artists like Monika Kruse, 'Marcel Knopf' and 'Kleinschmager Audio'.

Private lifeEdit

After being in a relationship for ten years, Niklas Worgt married photo model Eva Padberg on July 29, 2006. They live together in Berlin.[3][4]


2005 "Close Up" The debut of Dapayk & Padberg focusing on Rave and Techhouse.
2006 "Impulsion Parasite" Dapayk's solo debut is between clubfloor and experimental Sound. The CD version contains a second CD with pure ‚ListeningElectronica' pieces.
2007 "Black Beauty" The inner circle of Techno saw ‚Black Beauty' as the response to the downfall of vinyl. Dapayk & Padberg's second album shows blurred lines between MinimalTechno and Pop, while at the same time, focusing on highly emphasized HipHop sound collages.
2008 "Boissche Untiefen" Dapayk's debut as his alter ego ‚Marek Bois' is pure MinimalTechno and its tendency to Rave the heart and soul of "Boissche Untiefen".
2008 "Devil's House" Dapayk's second solo album has a gloomy feel to it. Besides dance floor pieces the influence of Breakbeat elements is very pronounced.
2010 "Decade One (2000–2010)" Unreleased tracks and remastered material create a retrospection of Dapayk's first creative period. The album is clearly inspired by Jazz influences.
2012 "Sweet Nothings" Dapayk & Padberg's third album is characterized by melodious Techno as they both stated in an interview.
2013 "Smoke" The fourth album of Dapayk & Padberg turns away from the dance floor and towards ListeningElectronica. It increases Dubstep elements as well as songlike structures.
2015 "#nofilter" "More straightforward, more reduced, more analog and dirtier than anything i have done before“.


Dapayk describes his own tone as 'frickle'. Sound wise he experiments merging separate musical art forms from Minimal, Electronica and Breakbeats into one.

Discography (Excerpt)Edit

Name Title Label
Dapayk (solo) Impulsion Parasite [Album] Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk (solo) Impulsion Parasite [Single] Mo's Ferry Productions
Marek Bois Mampe halb/halb Rrygular
Marek Bois You Got Good Ash Rmxs Trapez
Dapayk (solo) Effessefedepp Karloff
Marek Bois Fake EP Rrygular
Marek Bois Boisboisbois Trapez
Dapayk (solo) Giornata Friends of Tomorrow
Dapayk (solo) Untergelgen EP Orac
Dapayk (solo) Fat Kid's Choice Resopal
Dapayk & Padberg Close Up [Album] Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk & Midnight Fenou01 Fenou
Dapayk (solo) Marek & das Polenpony Karloff
Dapayk & Padberg Maze Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk (solo) Daypack Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk (solo) Black, White, Orange, Lines Textone
Dapayk & Padberg Dirty White Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk & Padberg Semaphore Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk & Padberg Think & Speak Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk & Padberg Goddess Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk (solo) Heimweh Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk (solo) TPZ EP Mo's Ferry Productions
Dapayk (solo) Call Me Names DPK

Remixes (Excerpt)Edit

Name Title Label
Saint Ibot Tschäkk TFE Tecords
Koefer & Strube Arbeitshypothese WhirlPoolSexMusic
Hacienda h.a.c.i.e.n.d.a. Ministry of Sound
Paradroid The Balearic Dream Recovery Adjunct Audio
Mathias Schaffhäuser Coincidance Ware
Alland Byallo My Nightlight NightLightMusic
Tanaka Hideyuki Wicked Loop in Life Mo's Ferry Productions
Deladap Cza Manca Eccochamber
Malou Worldplay Discowax
Nitsch & Gleinser Rollbots Karatemusik


In 2005 Dapayk and Padberg's first album 'Close Up' was under the Top 10 of the de:Bug and Groove Magazine’s charts. In 2007 the project ‘Dapayk and Padberg’ received the Style Award of Musikexpress in the category ‘Performer – Domestic’.

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