Danish 1st Division (Handball)

1st Division is the name of the second highest handball league for both genders. The top-ranking teams each wins promotion to Damehåndboldligaen and Danish Handball League, while the bottom finishers get relegated to the Danish 2nd Divisions. The division consists of 14 teams that meet each opponent once away and once at home.

Danish 1st Division
Current season, competition or edition:
2019-20 (women)
Number of teams14
Promotion toDanish Women's Handball League
Danish Handball League
Relegation to2nd Division
Current championsHorsens HK (Women)
Fredericia HK (Men)
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Men 1st division

Promotion to the LeagueEdit


In Promotion to the Danish Women's Handball League is the winner of the 1st division ensures direct promotion to the league while no. 2 from the 1st division is playing against no. 11 from Women's Handball League and no. 10 from the 1st division is playing against no. 10 from Women's Handball League. Playing 1 home and 1 away about promotion


In promotion to the Danish Handball League is the winner of the 1st division ensures direct promotion to the league while number 2-4 is playing a playoff against number 9-13 from Danish Handball League. The 8 teams will be divided into two groups and play two matches against each other, one at home and one away. Number 1-2 is promoted while numb7er 3 from each group is playing against each other. The winner is promoted with the 4 other teams


Basically moves no. 12, 13 and 14 into the second division, while no. 10 and 11 to play qualification matches in order to survive. However, this is only applicable if non 2nd team to a team in the league or first division win its second division pool (there are three pools in the 2nd division). For every other team that wins its pool in the second division reduced the number of direct relegated with one team and playoff seats (Nos. 10 and 11) moved corresponding downward.

Playoff teams meetings at his team from the second division in an effort to survive in the series. The first match played in the second division side's home ground, the return game they play at home. The team with the greatest goal difference after the two matches played the following season in the first division

Current Season (2021/2022)Edit

Men Women
Ajax København Vendsyssel Håndbold
HC Midtjylland EH Aalborg
HØJ Håndbold SønderjyskE Håndbold
IK Skovbakken DHG Odense
GGIF Håndbold Bjerringbro FH
Team Sydhavsøerne TMS Ringsted
Otterup HK Hadsten Sports Klub Håndbold
HEI Håndbold Roskilde Håndbold
TM Tønder Rødovre HK
Elitesport Vendsyssel Gudme HK
HC Odense AGF Håndbold
Odder Håndbold Lyngby Håndbold
Roskilde Håndbold
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