Daniela (1976 TV series)

Daniela is a 1976 Venezuelan telenovela television series written by Enrique Jarnés and produced by Venevisión. Adita Riera and Eduardo Serrano starred as the main protagonists.[1]

Created byEnrique Jarnés
Directed byJosé Antonio Ferrara
StarringAdita Riera
Eduardo Serrano
Herminia Martínez
Country of originVenezuela
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes170
ProducerJosé Antonio Ferrara
Production locationCaracas
Original networkVenevisión
Original release1976 (1976) –
1976 (1976)


After the death of her father and after having lost everything, Daniela and her mother Eugenia move to a small fishing village in search of a better life. But since they don't have enough money, they end up on the streets. On the other hand, Gustavo Sandoval is a rich millionaire playboy living on his yacht and he has never had any serious relationship. Perla, a beautiful and ambitious girl in the town, decides to conquer him. One day, while walking through the town, Daniela reaches the stall of Ana Maria who sells fried fish. Hungry and without any money, Daniela steals the fish but is discovered by the owner's son, Reuben. Daniela runs and hides inside Gustavo's yacht. Later, her mother falls ill and she takes her to the hospital where they meet Dr. Cruz Dolores who offers to help them. Although Daniela says she won't accept charity, she begins working as a maid at the house of Gustavo.


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