Daniel Haller (born September 14, 1926 in Glendale, California) is an American film and television director, production designer, and art director. Haller studied at the renowned Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.

Daniel Haller
Born (1926-09-14) September 14, 1926 (age 93)
OccupationFilm and television director, production designer, art director
Spouse(s)Kinta Zertuche (divorced)

In 1953, Haller started as an art director in television, then quickly graduated to low budget feature films. Among many other credits, Haller designed the deceptively opulent sets for nearly all of Roger Corman's critically acclaimed Edgar Allan Poe film series, including House of Usher (1960) and The Pit and the Pendulum (1961).

Haller directed his first film, Die, Monster, Die!, in 1965 for American International Pictures. Based on H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Colour Out of Space", it was very similar in plot and atmosphere to Corman's Poe films. After directing two motorcycle pictures (Devil's Angels (1967) and The Wild Racers (1968)), Haller filmed another Lovecraft adaptation, The Dunwich Horror (1970).

From 1972, all of Haller's subsequent work has been in television, including directing episodes of Night Gallery, Kojak, Sara, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Knight Rider. Today he lives with his family on a horse ranch in the San Fernando Valley in California.

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